Ever since a young age when her friends started to get into dolls and fancy boys, Cyanne was a bit different. Her favorite toys were cars and bikes as opposed to dolls, not that she never played with them, and she always seemed to have her eyes linger on her classmates in the shower rather then wonder what a boy's thing looked like. It wasn't until she was thirteen and a half that she found out what a lesbian is and fully understood what made her a bit... different.

    A tomboy with a number of guy friends, once she told them of her orientation they were eager to invite her into checking out chicks at the pool and beach. It benefited them; after all what girl would let boys blatantly ogle other girls without speaking up? The only anxiety she ever had was how to find a... girl of similar tastes that would go out with her. On top of that, she had worries of what would happen if her sexual tastes became known with fears of bullies and bigots. Still, those that she was comfortable with telling have, however, treated her well.

    Still, she had comes to terms with what and who she was, although she dreaded ever telling her parents and what possible reactions they might have had, like any daughter would. She found a bit of comfort in forgetting her troubles by racing go karts. Enjoying it she expressed an interest in motorcycle racing and higher speeds and in more professional races.

    When she was fifteen her father got Cyanne her first motorcycle for racing. When she first got to ride on her new bike, a sexy black number with golden colored accents, and got over a bit of nervousness she started to zoom about the track, enjoying the feel of speed and thrust under her body. She once said it felt like riding a tamed tiger, or having a dragon between her legs and taking flight.

    Two months later she entered her first race and took fourth place, astonishingly. It only took a few more races before she took first place for her first time. That had gotten her more then a little attention from her classmates and some of the racing enthusiasts. Some of her school's students even started up a fan club based on her calling themselves 'Chasers' after Cyanne's nickname, so given because always racing made it seem like she was 'chasing' something that was far ahead of her..

    Her mother wasn't happy with her 'dangerous, sanctioned, fast driving', but her father supported her and helped teach her how to maintain and fix her bike and all of it's parts. She'd become a fair mechanic in her own right, able to take her bike apart, clean the components and reassemble them, provided the right equipment, tools and a bit of time.

    Of course as she grew up and went through life she explored her sexuality a bit. Online porn being the most notable one, but she also checked out other girls in the mall and changing rooms. While she stayed 'in the closet' while going through school, somethings can only last for so long.

    On account of a dare she had a girl walk up to her after one of her races. With the girl's friend's watching she struck up a conversation for a moment before forcefully kissing Cyanne who was dumbfounded... and kissed back, gripping the girl's hips and surprising her into darting off.

    Word of which way she swung followed and went across the school.

    Her friend's stuck by her, of course, but a few of the girls were a bit more... wary of having her in the shower with them. Still, things didn't go as bad as she thought it would be, but she still had a couple of bullies and idiots to deal with. She had gotten into a fight with one of the girls who wouldn't stop trying to bully her.


    Still, she wound up with a couple dates with girls who were, at the very least, bi-curious, including the girl who kissed her on that dare.

    And kissed her on her 'other' set of lips. While not quite on the same level as 'popping the cherry' she still considered it to be her losing her virginity in a delightful, and somewhat awkward, night of sex and lust.

    Then a girl who, somehow, had a strap-on popped her cherry for real.

    Once her mother found out of her tastes she freaked. She ranted and went about, trying to deny the obvious of how her daughter was a lesbian, even asking if she could 'just stop being a dyke', much to Cyanne's annoyance. It really didn't help their relationship.

    Her father, meanwhile, took her aside and asked a few questions, making sure she was a lesbian and not confused before sighing, smiling and saying 'you still owe me grand kids'.

    She kept bonding with her father after that moment, even as she managed to add a newer, red motorcycle to her garage with a more powerful engine and better handling. It lacked a bit of acceleration compared to her old one, but the top speed was much better and a slightly deeper fuel tank. It's become her main racing bike, and has given her a number of first and second places.

    With prospects of furthering her racing career throughout high school and beyond as well as a backup career as a mechanic if worse comes to worse, she wants to find a steady girlfriend to stand by her, although she's not opposed to another fling or two before then.

    One odd thing she's picked up on is she has, on occasion, wondered what the difference between a strap-on and a real cock would be like... Or a woman and a man giving cunnilingus. She has joked to a couple friends of being 'straight curious'.

    She can be a quiet girl, although when she does speak she tends to be either blunt or sarcastic. She can sound a bit sassy at times, but she is fairly kind and, when needed, polite. She isn't usually formal, preferring a relaxed, sometimes teasing tone and unless someone goes out of their way to do so, she isn't quick to anger, although she can lash back when enraged.

Top Speed

    Her current motorcycle is a heavily modified Honda CBR with a very powerful engine with a top speed that can keep her ahead of almost any other bike on the track. The handling and drifting ability is also exceptional, allowing her to maintain speeds on turns to take maximum advantage of her high speed. She wants to maneuver about her competition when she's stuck in the pack, working her way forwards as quickly as possible.

    The main downside is her motorcycle's acceleration suffers, meaning it will take her longer to get to that high speed. However if she's forced to slow down too much the time lost could cost her a race. Being stuck in the middle of a pack is what she hates the most; she'd rather have much more open space to pull ahead, or be in the lead to open her throttle up.

    In addition being a girl means less overall weight and more speed, but less strength to maintain control of the bike should something go awry. She has been to the hospital twice due to crashes; avoiding broken bones but still needed heavy bed rest for a time. Much as she hates it, she accepts it as part of what racing entails.

    She of course wears a bike suit, usually black and red with some silver, during her races and a very sturdy, protective helmet which likely saved her from worse injury. In fact she always wears a helmet anytime she gets on any bike she owns, just in case.

    - Character images are of Natsuki Kuga of Mi-Hime. I do not play as her, do not ask.
    - She is meant to be played as a lesbian, primarily. The 'Hetero-Curious' is for guys that interest me. 99 times out of 100 I will play with a girl on this profile over a male. Apologies.
    - I will play with females over futas and shemales.
    - Grammar and spelling is important. If you keep making mistakes I will lose interest. If you cannot put out a semi-para level I will be disappointed. I can forgive the odd mistake, but not consistent mistakes. High school level English at least, please.
    - When PMing me do not use three words or less. At least type in a nice greeting so I know you're looking to put in effort.
    - Do not start a PM with insults, gropes, rude comments or assaults. I will ignore you.
    - I play my character. Not some other character. Understood?
    - All images, save the very top, can be clicked to open a larger version.
    - Have fun.


Age Range: 14 - 30
Breasts: C - D-Cups
Cunnilingus: Giving & Receiving
Shaved & Trimmed Pubic Hair
Light to Mild Spanking: Giving & Receiving
Breast Play
Fingering: Giving & Receiving
Sex Toys/Strap-Ons/Twin Ended Dildos
Athletic Girls
Lipstick Lesbians
Sexy Clothes
Casual Groping (When in a Relationship)


Anthros (Varies on Species)
Males/Femboys (Uncommon)
Breasts: A - B-Cups
Breasts: DD - G-Cup
Fellatio (Uncommon)
Handjobs (Uncommon)
Vaginal Sex
Penis Sizes: 6 - 9 Inches
Anal Sex
Light to Mild Bondage: Giving & Receiving
Humiliation: Giving & Receiving
Light to Mild Breast/Face Slapping: Giving & Receiving
Collar & Leash Play: Giving & Receiving
Public Sex
Rape (Uncommon)
Curvy Girls


Rape (Usually)
Overly Muscled People
Obese People
Oversized Cocks/Toys: 13 Inches and Over
Analilingus: Giving & Receiving
Heavy to Extreme Bondage: Giving & Receiving
Heavy to Extreme Spanking:: Giving & Receiving
Heavy to Extreme Breast/Face Slapping: Giving & Receiving
Undersized Cocks/Toys: 5 Inches and Under

- Cheerleader Fan -

    One of her fan's comes to her races in a sexy cheerleader outfit, with a standard length skirt or a very short one. Either way the obsessive girl come to almost every race and Cyanne finds her kind of cute... maybe enough for a small romp?

- Sexy Shower -

    She's in a shower in the change room in school/a gym/somewhere and joined by one or more girls, giving her a nice show. And maybe someone is checking her out too. Either way, maybe she approaches one?

- Work Out -

    She's in a gym, keeping her trim since motorcycle racing can be physically demanding. Of course, girls wearing tight clothing and leotards. And maybe someone needs a spotter?

- Modeling and Interview -

    A female journalist decides that Cyanne's story would make for a great piece for a paper/website so arranges to tell her tale, while having her pose in her bike suit. Maybe the journalists asks whats under that suit?

- Catfight -

    One of the local, female bullies decides to pick a fight/harass/embarrass Cyanne and a girl on girl fight ensues. Hair pulling, clothes tearing, catfight.
   Variant One - Cyanne wins! She decides to teach her foe a bit about girl on girl love.
   Variant Two - Cyanne loses! She's beaten and humiliated. The girl parades her around, perhaps pleasuring and spanking her, or making her please boys who were watching.

- Sleep Over -

    She's invited to a sleepover with another girl/other girls. Of course the conversation would turn to her lesbianism sooner or later, and questions asked about what it's like to be with other girls. After a while she offers to give a first hand lesson...

- Blind Date -

    She's set up on a blind date with another girl. Maybe to a nice cafe or some other public place. She dresses up nice and maybe even uses her motorcycle to pick up her date.
    Femboy Variant - As a prank her date is a femboy and he dresses as a girl to such a degree to fool anyone.

- Mutual Bikini Dare -

    Cyanne and a girl friend/friend have a plan to go to the pool/beach and make a dare for each other; to give the other a bikini/swimsuit to wear for the day. And both expect something very skimpy/slutty.
   Variant One - They're off to a Halloween/costume party and pick the others costume.
   Variant Two - They're just out to the mall and they choose, you guessed it, the others clothes.

- Strap-Hung -

    She goes to a party and as a joke decides to wear a strap-on. Either over her pants, under them with the dildo sticking out her fly, or just giving herself a 'trouser snake'.

- Dildo Shopping-

    She goes into a sex shop looking for a good toy to use on herself and/or her partners. Perhaps a strap-on, or a double ended number? Something that vibrates or one of those feeldoes? Of course with a female clerk there to ask she can get some information... and maybe a 'free trial'?

- Blowjob Dare (Rare) -

    During a party a game of Truth or Dare comes up and one of her friends comes up with the idea to embarrass Cyanne by making her give one of the guys a blowjob. Swallowing and all.
   Variant One - She's instead to let one of the boys eat her out and finger her.
   Variant Two - She's made to lay on a boy's lap to be spanked on her ass.

- Fucked Straight (Rare) -

    One or more homophobic boys in town decides that Cyanne needs to know 'a man' and get over her 'lesbian delusions'. Regardless of her opinion on the matter.

- Invited to a Trio -

    A couple asks her to join them in bed one time. Mostly so the guy can watch two girls have sex for him. Will her 'Hetero-Curiosity' come up?

- Naked Party -

    She's invited to a party where the only rule is that everyone has to be naked. It makes for an... interesting experience.
   Variant One - The party is girls only.
   Variant Two - It's a Clothed Male - Naked Female Party.
   Variant Three - It's a Clothed Female - Naked Male Party.

- Others -

    If you have your own idea then please, share it.